💻 Atari ST Retrocomputing

37 years ago, at the age of 18, I got my first Atari, a 520ST and a monochrome screen with a resolution of 640x400 pixels, which was highly praised at that time. My home computers before all had been connected to a TV and had a rather blurry screen. All of them also didn't have a real operating system with floppy disks, mouse, windows and graphical user interface, just a built-in Basic. Today it's all retrocomputing and after so many years I just fell in love again.

➤ 2022-07-03 Atari 260ST RGBtoHDMI Installation
➤ 2022-06-18 Nine Times as much Memory
➤ 2022-06-06 Hatari on Raspberry Pi without X11
➤ 2022-05-31 MouSTer Atari ST USB Mouse Adapter
➤ 2022-05-30 Processor cut out
➤ 2022-05-26 Start-up of my Atari 260ST
➤ 2022-05-25 My Atari Retrobrighting Experiment
➤ 2022-05-24 Atari ST – What a Computer
➤ 2021-02-18 The GEMDOS Story

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