About me

My name is Martin, and I can be reached via

e-mail: martin (at) datapulp.de
Mastodon: @mado@social.tchncs.de

What can I say, maybe I just write what I like. I like

I think about everything possible and impossible, I dance far too little Tango Argentino and I love writing, language and wordplay. And I always have a funny thought in my head, even when it's not appropriate at all.

When I program, it's in C and Bash. I dislike using Git so much that every time I need it, I forgot how it works. And when I do code something, it's usually something no one really needs. Maybe it's because I mostly enjoy programming more than using the software. :-)

I live in Augsburg, am happily married, I really don't like sports at all, not even on TV. Really, not at all! But I really like cycling and less and less driving and I'm a fan of saving energy.


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